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Morgan Polygraph

"When 2nd Best Won't Do"

At Morgan Polygraph, we offer the latest in polygraph technology, coupled with state-of-the-art examiner training and sophisticated computerized polygraph instruments.

Our examiners couple that training and equipment with something money canít buy; decades worth of investigative and interviewing experience.

We offer our clients the following:

  • The best pre-test interviews in the business. In fact, a significant percentage of our polygraph issues are resolved during the pre-test interview.

  • Standardized, validated and reliable testing techniques.

  • The absolute latest in technology, from state-of-the-art computerized polygraph instruments to enhanced video recordings of all our polygraph sessions.

  • Yearly, in-service polygraph training to ensure we remain on "the cutting edge".

  • Absolute confidentiality.

  • The most professional polygraph reports in the industry.

  • Unmatched credibility in Idaho Courts.

At Morgan Polygraph, our mission is to maintain our position as a leading provider of polygraph services in Idaho.

We are not a "Mom and Pop" operation and we don't need to use the offices of agencies, attorneys or clients to conduct polygraph examinations.


We believe that the best polygraphs are conducted in professional, controlled environments, such as the atmosphere in our professional polygraph suites.


We believe that polygraph professionals should employ the latest in testing methodology, polygraph instrumentation and audio/visual equipment.


Monitoring/viewing rooms are available for investigators, attorneys, probation officers, parents of juveniles and others who have a legal right to observe the polygraph proceedings.

Specifically What We Offer:

At Morgan Polygraph, our expert polygraphists are nationally certified to conduct the following types of polygraph examinations:

Criminal, specific issue testing

  •  New Crimes

  •  New Allegations

Criminal, mixed-issue testing

  •  Investigative uses to determine the real issues

Civil, specific issue testing

  •  Attorney requested or private

  •  Fidelity testing

Civil, multiple issue testing

  •  "Narrowing" process

  •  Client control for attorneys

Governmental testing, to include:

  •  Pre-employment applicant testing

  •  Internal Affairs or Professional Conduct testing

  •  Honesty or Veracity testing over reports or specific incidents

Therapeutic testing, to include:

  •  Psycho-Sexual Evaluation veracity

  •  Risk assessment

  •  Instant Offense reconciliation

  •  Treatment compliance issues

  •  Sexual history verification

  •  Sexual deviance verification

Probation/Parole Compliance testing

  •  Excellent adjunct to electronic monitoring

  •  Valuable for addiction relapse identification

  •  Identifies domestic violence re-offenders

Post Conviction Sexual Offender testing, for:

  •  Treatment providers

  •  Probation/parole officers

  •  Pre-sentence investigators

  •  Court officers

Concealed Information testing

  •  The latest in polygraph testing

  •  Not a test of truth or deception, rather, a test of concealed knowledge.

  •  Scientifically validated and accepted, even by polygraph critics.

  •  At Morgan Polygraph, we are experts at reviewing cases and developing concealed knowledge "keys" for concealed information testing.

Paired testing

  • Using the "Marin Protocol", we are able to achieve remarkably high accuracy rates by testing both parties in a situation, using an ASTM, AAPP and APA approved testing protocol.

    Mainly applicable in civil cases where both parties are represented by counsel and are agreeable to submitting to polygraph testing.

We are proud members of the following organizations:
Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association
American Polygraph Association
National Polygraph Association
American Association of Police Polygraphists

Our polygraph examiners have extensive criminal and civil investigative experience and are court-recognized experts in the field of interview and interrogation.

We offer services unique to the polygraph industry; to include:

  • All Morgan Polygraph polygraph examinations are electronically audio/video recorded. Why settle for the lesser "Audio only" standard?


  • All Morgan Polygraph polygraphs are conducted using the latest in computerized polygraph equipment, including the APA mandated motion sensor equipment.


  • All of our examiners are fully certified by national and regional accreditation agencies to conduct civil, criminal, governmental pre-employment and internal affairs, probation/parole compliance and post-conviction sex offender testing.


  • Monitoring/viewing rooms are available for investigators, attorneys, probation officers, parents of juveniles and others who have a legal right to observe the polygraph proceedings.

We offer something else unique in the Idaho polygraph profession:

  • All of our polygraphs can be instantly quality controlled.


  • In other words, we can give you an immediate "second opinion" regarding any polygraph examination.


  • We offer a "24 hour turn-around" on all polygraph reports.


  • We email our reports directly to you, using 256 bit data encryption on the Adobe platform for total security.

Contact Information

Telephone:          (208) 573-9405
Fax:                     (208) 345-8144
Postal address:   5400 W. Franklin Road, Suite K, Boise, Idaho 83705
Electronic mail:  chip@morganpolygraph.com